The Rules of Engagement

March 10, 2008 at 12:51 pm | Posted in Rules of Engagement | Leave a comment
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The basic stuff of relationships is engagement. All parties need to be able to relate to one another, communicate and ultimately want to put something in and get something out in order for that relationship to work. However, with teens this can be a problem. Due to the complexities of adolesence, engagement is often the last thing they want to do with an adult and this can often lead to problems, not least when an adult identifies that the teen that they live or work with is exhibiting challenging behaviour and they want to do something about it, be it a small or large issue.

What follows is a series of posts all about the rules of engagement with teens. With many years working with teens in a youth justice setting who have initially wanted to disengage my head from my neck rather than engage with me, these posts come from a sea of experience. The lessons I have learned and the knowledge acquired, although coming from the extreme end of adolescent behaviour are just as applicable to all sorts of levels of relationships with teens, from the family home to school to social care- any environment where teens are about!


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